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Man found not guilty in Royce Jeffries case


A man charged with murdering a bouncer outside a Kansas City club in September of 2015 walked free Monday after a jury found him not guilty.

Carlton Glynn’s attorney said it all came down to surveillance video evidence.

”The shooter had been gone in less than a blink of an eye. Literally, in less than two seconds he had emptied a clip and it wasn’t my client,” Dan Ross said about the video taken inside and outside Bobs-N-Motion that night.

Royce Jeffries was killed and another person was injured in the shooting.

The club at 57th and Troost only allows patrons inside if they are 30-years-old or older.

Ross told KCTV5 News his client was there with a group of friends after they went to Martini Corner.

A fight broke out and Glynn’s party was escorted out of the bar, Ross said.

Glynn can be seen on the bar’s video coming back to the club in a different shirt. According to Ross, Glynn lost his keys in the scuffle and wanted to get them before the bar closed.

He was inside, right next to Jeffries when the shots rang out but Glynn did not have a weapon.

“Immediately behind him comes an apparent shooter who, in less than the span of a second and a half perhaps, fires at least 11 times fatally wounding Mr. Jeffries,” Ross said.

There were also shots fired outside the main entrance while Glynn was still seen on video taken inside.

Eye-witnesses pointed out Glynn in a line-up and the courts said there was enough evidence to take Glynn to trial but Ross said it is clear from the video another person did the shooting that night.

“The jury came back with the proper verdict.”

The Kansas City Police Department said on Tuesday there is more than one suspect in this case and it is still being considered an open investigation.

They did not comment further on the verdict.

Jeffries’ daughter, Desiree Jeffries, issued the following statement:

Hearing that verdict is very frustrating. We have been waiting for two years for the trial. And to hear that Mr. Glynn is connected to the possible shooter. Who he was in the company of on that night. It is disappointing that we as black people don’t want to be looked at as snitches but will demand more accountability from others. This was not just a devastating blow to my family and I but to us as a whole community. 

Ross says Glynn’s family did not want to make a statement but he said now his client is back with his wife and children.

“Right now, he is simply enjoying his freedom and getting his life back in order,” Ross said.

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