Jury Acquits Man of Murder & Assault Charges

"It was a clear case of self-defense. The jury had no other option but to acquit my client"

Attorney Dan Ross, KC Star 2008

Man Exonerated of Two Rapes by DNA

"This case shows something experts have known for years - eye witnesses can be unreliable"

Attorney Dan Ross, S.E. Missouri.com 2008


"Defense lawyers win probation for their clients by relentlessly tearing into the state’s evidence" said Attorney Dan Ross


Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney Dan Ross

If you or a loved one are charged with a crime, your choice of a lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  You need an Attorney you can trust to assist you in navigating through what is sure to be a difficult and trying time.  Daniel Ross has been representing Defendants in criminal matters for over 25 years.  He is an extremely skilled trial Attorney with a reputation for winning tough cases and fighting for the rights of his clients.  He has represented criminal Defendants on hundreds of serious felonies including First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, Manslaughter, Armed Criminal Action, Arson, Kidnapping, Rape, Sodomy, Assault, Felon in Possession, Drug Possession, Drug Sales and Drug Trafficking.  Attorney Dan Ross has taken many cases to trial and has obtained numerous not guilty verdicts over the years.  Daniel Ross has also obtained many dismissals and other extremely favorable results for his clients through plea bargains including Probation and/or reduced charges on very serious felonies thus avoiding jail time for his clients. Attorney Dan Ross has the know-how to obtain positive results for his clients and is aggressive in the defense of his clients. 

When faced with a criminal prosecution you need an attorney with experience in the practice of  Criminal Law.  When consulting with an attorney you need to ask if he or she has ever handled a case like yours.  Have they ever taken a case to trial like yours?  Have they ever obtained a dismissal or a not guilty verdict on a case like yours?  How many?  What about plea bargains in cases like yours?  You see, there are many different areas of Law practice.  The Attorney who amended a speeding ticket for your friend or the Attorney who helped a family member with a Will or a motor vehicle accident may not be the Attorney you would want to represent you on serious felony charges.  Not all attorneys are qualified to handle serious criminal charges, in fact, most are not.  Dan Ross is the Lawyer people turn to when they need legal advice and representation on cases that carry harsh penalties.  Your first consultation is free of charge with no obligation to retain his services.

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